Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are becoming more popular in many domestic properties, offering a great alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating and hot water systems.


Heat Pumps


When combined with other technology such as underfloor heating, solar PV and solar thermal, they can be an extremely efficient method of providing your heating and hot water needs. Although very reliable, heat pumps not only benefit from regular preventative maintenance, but nearly all manufacturers require an annual service from a qualified engineer in order to keep the equipment within warranty.   An annual service visit also enables us to fine tune the system to meet the needs of your lifestyle and to benefit from the savings a correctly set up installation can provide.

ASHP Installation Diagram

Air Source Heat Pump


An air source heat pump (ASHP) transfers heat from the outside air into a building as either hot air, hot water in a radiator or underfloor heating circuit, or into a domestic hot water supply.


A standard domestic heat pump will provide heat efficiently even with outside temperatures as low as −15°C.

Ground source pumps

Ground Source Heat Pump


Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) work in exactly the same way as air source except that the heat is drawn from underground rather than from the air.  The temperature at around 7 meters below the surface of the ground remains at a steady temperature depending on your location.


This means that the GSHP continues to work as efficiently during the winter as at any other time of year.

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