Solar Energy

Solar energy, the radiant heat and light that comes from our sun, can be harnessed through a variety of methods to provide hot water and electricity to your home, reducing your fuel costs and carbon footprint. The most common domestic applications of this are Solar Thermal Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic systems.


Solar Energy

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Solar ThermalSolar thermal systems contain several components that benefit from regular maintenance to make sure that it runs efficiently and prolongs its working life.


Typically we check the concentration of glycol, the fluid which transfers heat between the solar panel and the hot water cylinder, to ensure that this has not deteriorated and is able to protect your system from freezing during any period of very cold weather.


As with any system that circulates fluids, there are electrical and mechanical components too that need to be in good working order; pumps, safety valves and controls all form part of our service checks.



Whether your solar thermal system is stand alone, combined with a boiler, heat pump or alternative heat source, we can offer you a service to ensure that you are receiving maximum benefit from the free solar energy available.

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic


Solar photovoltaic (or PV) is often thought of as ‘fit and forget’ technology.  However, similar to any electrical installations there are maintenance and inspection considerations to take into account. As well as this, regular cleaning of panels themselves will keep them operating at their best.


Solar PV

Our Solar PV service includes checks on electrical components, connections and the panels themselves using infra-red technology to spot any potential issues before they cause you problems.

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